Habiba Zaman


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The Bosswoman Retreat

  • Baldachin Inn 111 Saint Lawrence Street Merrickville, ON, K0G 1N0 Canada (map)


AUGUST 24, 2018- AUGUST 26, 2018


So what did we achieve at The Bosswoman Business Intensive Retreat?


Not only did the guests get to mingle with various confident successful people, new success-sisters, a celebrity guest, and get totally pampered in gifts and dolled up for a photoshoot, we provided them style and branding guidance, chauffeured around and crazy hotel memories... the biggest thing I am proud of is giving them ACTUAL opportunity. 


We went beyond the “how-to”


How many seminars, summits, workshops, conferences have you gone to and had a breakthrough? Probably a lot. 


But how many did you get to share YOUR story and YOUR obstacles with the speakers? When do YOU get a listening ear? Hmm maybe at a few select events this has happened, and at ours!


How many have you gone to where you had a handful of group sessions but ALSO a handful of 1on1 sessions? Hmm, probably not many but yep, we did this. 


How many have you gone to where the host gave you a web platform with an existing audience for you to do your business and be amongst the first exclusive content contributors that can earn with no income cap? Probably none. 

How about being offered to speak and cohost at the next event? WHAT!

How about being offered a lead author publishing deal? 


We are offering this to every guest and speaker at our event plus we focused specifically on their own brand, income, services, and web needs. 


Not only did the guests benefit nor only did I. The speakers have new opportunities and so do my teammates. Jessica helped us at the event and has a huge new opportunity / life dream at her finger tips. Just from being in our presence she was SO elevated and everyone pumped her up with admiration and belief. She sees her future 💫 

Sukey, my sister and all around event extraordinaire / life saver, is working away so inspired to launch a new product with us too! To have something she leads but with major team support. Matty gathered amazing information for him to be able to provide our authors with new income streams via online methods. He is so ecstatic! 


Am I ever proud of myself and offering out everything I have. And thank you all for trusting me and joining me. We all win when we do it together, when we help each other’s dreams become reality. All I want to see is more amazing business minded women to be financially stable as I know they will change the world. 




Endless opportunities