Habiba Zaman


My Dear Friend Shalon

I catch myself today realizing just how much I take for granted when it comes to being a mama to my babies. That it is a privilege to share in these moments with them. It is a privilege to have such an impact on who they will become as they grow, that it is a privilege to lay here next to him and help him sleep instead of working, and especially when I’m freaking out because he threw up in the sink on top of the dishes this morning hahahha. It is a privilege to be able to rub his back and tuck him in because some mothers never get the chance to see them through this far. I lost my confidant, my partner in crime and my “person” two years ago today. shalon Irving was also the co author of Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You. She doesn’t get to wake up all night to take care of her baby, she didn’t get to spend a birthday or a Mother’s Day, she doesn’t get to vent and be annoyed that once again she’s left to care for a sick kid, she doesn’t get to complain or laugh or share in their growth. So as this sick one is rolling around and keeping me awake all night with his coughing and has me running behind him with Lysol all day today, I am reminded that I’m still so very lucky to have the chance to do all this, because not everyone who should, gets to.

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